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除了他们的美食外,Ground Eatery还提供现煮咖啡。他们的咖啡师从不妥协,选择最佳的烘焙咖啡豆,并精心手工制作他们的招牌饮料,以仅为他们的顾客提供最好的服务。
他们的目标是提供一个接近自然并且非常舒适的环境,让人们可以舒适地用餐,并远离喧嚣的城市生活。入口旁从咖啡厅墙壁长出的树象征着地面食堂坚持他们的根基的原则。让Ground Eatery的他们为您带来成长,舒适,幸福和有益身心的体验,使您充实。快来成为他们的朋友!

Food begins from the Earth. They would like to return to the start by bringing back natural and healthy food into our café. They want to provide food with a twist of flavor.

Moreover, they are devoted towards a healthier choice of food preparation. They do not only see themselves as the owners of a cafe but as people who loves food. Therefore, they always prioritize on the freshness of their ingredients. From hand picking the ingredients from their suppliers, they are fully committed to ensure they create a unique culinary experience for everyone.

Every dish is prepared with passion for their customers. They constantly push ourselves for creativity and their chefs constantly think out of the box to tantalize their customers’ taste bud.Besides their outstanding food, Ground Eatery also serves freshly brewed coffee.

Their Baristas never compromise in selecting the best roasted coffee beans and carefully handcrafting their signature beverages to serve their customers only the best.They aim to provide a very cozy environment close to natural where people can dine in comfortably and kick back from the hustle and bustle of city life. The tree that has grown out of their café’s wall by the entrance symbolizes Ground Eatery’s principle of sticking to their roots.

Let them at Ground Eatery enrich you with a growth, comfort, happiness and a wholesome experience. Come and be Friends with them!

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<Ground Eatery>
地址: G-09, Tower 4 & 5, PFCC 47100 Kampung Baru Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
营业时间:Tue – Thu (12:00pm-9:30pm) , Fri – Mon (11:00am-9.30pm)

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