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一个全面的社区平台,专为您的社区设计,在居民、业主、租户、商户、服务提供商、建筑管理和其他相关方之间提供高效、安全、无纸化解决方案。他们的应用程序可以在苹果应用程序商店和Play商店随时下载,如果您想更近一步了解,可以联络他们并要求演示帐户来尝试一下. KlikxOne社区应用程序的最佳功能

  1. 访客管理(为安全目的预先注册访客)
  2. 设施预订(社区区域内任何可用设施的提前预订)中的最佳功能。*预订费/存款是可选分配的)
  3. 电子账单(E支付维护费,预订费等。*发票和收据自动生成)
  4. 停车管理(管理方便管理每个车主或访客的确切停车位)
  5. 恐慌按钮(出于紧急目的通知管理层采取行动。)

欲了解更多信息,请浏览他们的 Facebook 页面https://www.facebook.com/KlikxOne,

或前往KlikxOne网站 https://www.klikxone.com

A comprehensive community platform designed for your neighbourhood with EFFICIENT, SECURE AND INFORMATIVE PAPERLESS SOLUTION among residents, owners, tenants, merchants, service providers, building management and other relevant parties. Their application are available on both App store and Play store feel free to download and request a demo account from to try it out. Best features in KlikxOne community application

  1. Visitor Management (Pre-register visitor for secure purpose)
  2. Facility Booking (Advance booking for any available facility within community area. *Booking fee/Deposit are optional to allocate)
  3. E-billing (E payment for maintenance fee, booking fee etc. *Invoice and Receipt are automatically generate)
  4. Parking Management (For management to easily to manage the exact parking slot for each owner or visitor)
  5. Panic Button ( For emergency purpose to notify management to take action against it.)

For more information kindly have a look in KlikxOne Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/KlikxOne,

Or head to KlikxOne website https://www.klikxone.com

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