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新品!新品!Family Mart新品!

by Puchong Community
Puchong Community Family Mart Bubble Chacha Featured Image

Family Mart全新推出的Bubble Cha Cha 既丰富,滑腻又令人愉悦,有冷热可选,非常适合炎热或寒冷的一天。


Hot Bubble Cha Cha:RM 6.90 *
Iced Bubble Cha Cha:RM 8.90 *


Get your tastebuds ready for your new favourite drink – Bubble Cha Cha!
Rich, creamy, and simply delightful, Family Mart new Bubble Cha Cha comes in both hot and cold options, perfect for a hot or chilly day.

Dessert lovers will enjoy the creamy dessert with sweet taro paste imported all the way from Taiwan, topped with soft and chewy crystal bubbles.

Try them out now at a FamilyMart near you!
Hot Bubble Cha Cha: RM 6.90*
Iced Bubble Cha Cha: RM 8.90*

*Pricing not applicable to KLIA2, Genting, and Delivery.
*Stir well before you consume.

Family Mart Bubble Chacha 1
Family Mart Bubble Chacha 2
Family Mart Bubble Chacha 3
Family Mart Bubble Chacha 4

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