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Community Online Free Plan - Business Details

Business Information 企业资料

Please provide us your business information so that we can let our followers know your brand.<br/>

For those who didn't know how to get the name or link, click below video.
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For iOS: Click here for video

Post Details 帖文详情 (Step 1)

Prepare post details like post title & post content that are very important to deliver an attractive message to our followers.

Price 价格: RM100.00

We will re-write / translate the content for your business. We know what our followers wants, so we will create attractive content to catch their eye-balls.

📝 If you need us to translate your content, please draft the title & content into the below form. We will based on the draft and enhance the content for you.
📝 如果您需要我们翻译您的内容,请将标题和内容草稿填到下面的表格中。我们将根据草稿并为您增强内容。

👉 Please provide Chinese & English language content.
👉 请提供中文与英文内容。

Price 价格: RM250.00

We will create 300 words of bilingual content (EN & CN) for your business. We know what our followers want, so we will create attractive content to get their attention.

📝 Please fill up the below form for your Page Title & Page Content.
📝 请填写以下表格,填写您的页面标题和页面内容。

👉 Please provide Chinese & English language content.
👉 请提供中文与英文内容。

Example 例子:
✅ 20% Off for Itallian Cuisine in Francesco Restaurant
✅Francesco 餐厅享受20%优惠!
✔️ Most Trusted Accountant Service Near You.
⭕ Thai Food Fair is Here! Come To Plaza ABC in This Month of September!
⭕ 泰国美食博览会就在这里!来到9月份的ABC广场!

Images Details 图片详情 (Step 2)

The most eye-catching part will be the images! Please provide high-resolution images or designed graphics to catch followers attention.

Price 价格: RM800.00

120 min. on-site photo-shooting section, plus editing and banner design, all-in-one with no hassle.
120分钟现场拍摄, 加上编辑和图形设计, 横幅广告设计, 一站式,没有麻烦。

Price 价格: RM200.00

Upload your images and we will edit according to your business requirement. Limited to 20 images.

Upload / Capture product, services or shop images. Only support jpg, jpeg & png format.

Attention 注意事项
* Please provide at least 5 images
* Images size cannot more than 2mb
* More than 2mb please compress by using this https://tinypng.com/, then re-upload the Tiny PNG Zip File.
* If can't upload any photos, please try to use other browsers (google chrome, firefox or safari)

* 请提供至少5张照片
* 不接受图片容量超过2mb
* 照片容量超过2mb可透过 https://tinypng.com/压缩,然后再上载Tiny PNG的压缩文件。
* 如果无法上传照片,请使用其它的浏览 (google chrome, firefox 或 safari)

Boost Post 促进帖文 (Step 3)

This is the Final Step and the most important! Boost up the post to reach more followers to gain maximum exposure and engagement!

Price 价格: RM500.00

Post reach can up to 30,000 - 50,000 reach!🚀🚀🚀
帖文曝光率可达30,000 - 50,000🚀🚀🚀!

Price 价格: RM300.00

Post reach can up to 10,000 - 25,000 reach!🚀
帖文曝光率可达10,000 - 25,000🚀!

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Thank you.

You spend RM0 to post in our COMMUNITY platform! Please be informed that you post will be reviewed and posted in our COMMUNITY.



Thank You for your support!

A very big thank you for your support and appreciation❤️! You are the reason why we continuously building the best local community platform in town! Let’s proceed with the details and we’ll keep you updated. Thank you 👍🏻


非常感谢您的支持! ❤️您是我们最大的动力,对此表示深深的敬意和真诚的感谢,让我们共创美好的社区平台!我们会全力以赴为您提供企业上的支持!谢谢您👍🏻

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